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         We are one of the fastest growing Healthcare Company with business presence in Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary & Consumable market. Started with Feed Supplement manufacturing unit in 1990s we had come a long way to cater to Veterinary, Pharmaceutical & Feed Supplement market of Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Middle East & Africa.

With our inherent strength in Applied Chemistry, Quality & Excellent Production facilities, we are expanding to finished formulations to cater developed market with well researched, documented & innovative formulations; FARMAKON had started to cherish this endeavour with our new ultra modern production facility. We had started restructuring our business with incorporation of Farmakon Nutrivet which will take care of Marketing, R & D & New Product Development which will enable us to give an edge over our competitors.

We are completely Integrated Company with Presence in 3 Verticals which are basic pillars of Human food & health care requirements.
  1. Veterinary Pharmaceutical: Veterinary API, Finished formulations.

  2. Veterinary Consumables: Compounded Animal Feed, Feed Supplements,
    Feed Ingredients & raw materials, Food Processing Chemicals.

  3. Human Pharmaceuticals: Pharamaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

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