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We are a dynamic company with continuous development of new technologies & its commercialization. As a company we are always looking for Association, Collaboration or Joint Ventures to develop or commercialize new technologies in our area of businesses.

We are in constant touch with Indian Authorities for Science & Technology Developments to scout for new technologies in Agriculture, Veterinary, Animal Husbandry & Nutrition i.e in sectors taking care of basic need of Human from food to healthcare, very much inline with our motto of HUMAN WELLNESS THROUGH ANIMAL WELNESS.

Our Current Projects with timelines:

1. Manufacturing of Veterinary Biologicals & Diagnostics with capacity to manufacture 5000 Million Doses of      Veterinary Vaccines by 2015.

2. To start filing EU-DMF & US-DMF for flagship Veterinary API’s by 2015 & Development of New Veterinary      API’s which are going off- Patent.

3. Entering into EU & USFDA market with Veterinary Feed Supplement & Veterinary Medicinal Range.       Especially Companion Animal Products by 2015.

4. To work on innovative Pesticide delivery systems for Veterinary Applications like Spot On or Squeeze On,       Feed Through, Aerosol Sprays, Pesticide Creams etc. Ongoing

Future Projects with timelines:

1. To Establish Export Oriented Dairy Processing Plant in milk rich area of Indian
      Continent with Production of Next Generation Dairy Products by 2017.

2. Entering into Animal Genetics with innovative breeding products & Breeds by 2018.


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